Company Incorporation

UAE is one of the safest country in the word were people can come and do their business. As an international trading hub, and with its different category of license offering, it helps the businesses to enhance and expand globally. With our vast experience in formation of company in UAE we can assist you to with the right support and we can make all the process easier and affordable than you think. Our team strives to offer you all the assistance and advisory services in formation of any type of the company

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Mainland Company

Mainland company is a legal entity licensed by UAE Department of Economic Development (DED) which allows to do professional and commercial business activities in UAE. Someone can obtain the mainland company license from Department of Economic Development of particular emirates (Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain or Fujairah) in which they choose to establish their company. These Mainland companies can do their business activities in local and International markets without any restrictions. In mainland company a UAE national must be a local partner or a service agent, but however its not required to keep them involve your business operational activities and other business affairs. Mainland companies are allowed to take any number of visas to onboard its employees, however the eligibility is depending on size of its office.

Free Zone Company

The word Free zone is a geographical area within a country are essentially economic areas where goods and services can be traded with tax and custom rate benefits. In UAE Free Zone Establishment (FZE) is a single shareholder company and Free Zone Company (FZC) with multiple shareholders (a maximum of 5 shareholder) which can be formed in any of the designated Free Zone areas within each emirate. There are currently 45 designated Free Zone across UAE. By offering the benefits such as 100% ownerships, tax benefits, custom rate benefits and all, these Free Zone establishments and companies plays a vital role in boosting the economy by bringing international business into the region. The key benefits to business by opting Free Zone are Easy Formation, 100% Ownership, Tax and Duty benefits, Foreign Ownership, Support and Assistance, Privacy Protection etc.


Offshore Company

An Offshore Company refers to a company which is formed in a jurisdiction outside to its own jurisdiction. Or in other words, an offshore company is a company that is set up in a different country from the country of residence of the shareholders. An offshore company can only operate of its country of formation. Any foreign company can set up offshore company in UAE offshore jurisdiction. Major offshore jurisdictions available in UAE are JAFZA Offshore, Ajman Offshore and RAKICC Offshore (RAK International Corporate Centre). The main Advantages of forming an offshore company in UAE are easy formation, easy documentation, less formation and maintenance cost, tax benefits, audit benefits, holding benefits etc.

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